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“Great handouts that are replacement of an expensive bulky textbook. The cd’s reinforce the lessons. I LOVE this school. Between the writing, speaking, discussions, listening lessons and the constant feedback from native-speaking french teachers, everything is covered. It’s a friendly environment for mistakes and the classmates are congenial. I have improved so much thanks to small essays that I am encouraged to write and share each week. The homework reinforces the classroom experience. The lessons are geared to everyday French culture which is ESSENTIAL because I spend time in France each year. The teachers are warm and nurturing. Classrooms and seating are very comfortable. The location in Hillcrest is ideal. What’s not to like?”
Ruth K
“I have been a student at From English to French for a few years. I have been studying french for several years, and take individual classes with Sophie. It is a lot of fun. She uses different ways to teach including music, dvds, and magazines. We discuss current events and the culture of France. I look forward to my class every week.”
Diana R.
“Small group classes (5 max.) provide a highly personalized learning experience. Anne, our instructor is patient and has an intuitive approach to what we need to learn. I and two friends just completed or third session and we all have improved our speaking skills as well as our understanding of tricky French grammar. We are an intermediate group that meets every Friday for 2 1/2 hours and we cover speaking, some grammar as it applies to our conversations, and we listen to recorded conversations and work on understanding and pronunciation. I have taken other classes in North County as that is where I live but it is worth the trip to come to Sophie’s school. The cost is just about the same as other classes but the instruction is superior. I love the way Anne will tailor the lessons to our needs. Sophie also teaches some classes and she interviewed us before we signed up to ascertain what level of instruction would work for us. The minute we began speaking with her (in French of course) she guided us as to correct grammar and pronunciation. She spent a good 45 minutes with us at no charge and we immediately felt a great level of comfort with Sophie. Sophie and Anne are both native speakers which is not always the case in some college courses.”
Linda H
“I have been taking French lessons from Sophie since March, 2011 and would recommend From English to French to anyone wanting to learn the language. I knew no French before starting with Sophie. Now I can travel in any French-speaking country without a problem. Yes, the classes involve listening to recordings, but they consist of much more. You listen, you try to understand what you can, then you translate and read what you just heard with the assistance of an instructor. If you are a true beginner you will spend a lot of time on “to have” and “to be”, because they are very important for passe’ compose’. This is not a memorization type of class, but more of a practical, hands-on approach. Like everything else in life, you will get from the classes what you put in to the classes. Which means you will need to listen, read and study at home.”
John C
“I recently completed an 8-week French for Beginners class with Caroline. I learned so much! I took the class because I am going to Paris soon and wanted some basic French. The class was a lot of fun in addition to learning important verbs, how to ask and answer questions, ask for and understand directions, amassing a vocabulary, etc. Concurrently, I took the 4-week French for Travelers class with Sebastien. It was excellent as well. Today, I had a one-hour private with Sophie which has given me the confidence I need to use my French when in Paris. If you want to learn a foreign language, and French is such a beautiful one, this is the place for you. Sophie, Caroline, and Sebastien are excellent instructors. All have a lot of patience and are very helpful. I will take French 2 when I return. The fees are completely reasonable as well!”
Shelley C
“I called only 3 weeks before I was leaving for Paris, desperate for French lessons! Sophie met with me and arranged for my private lessons with Caroline. My lessons were great! I cannot say enough good things! I intend to take more lessons after my trip!!!”
Michelle W
“Listen to this! Sophie Juster is absolutely the best French foreign language professor I have had the pleasure to work with. She is professional and truly understands the importance of focusing on what the students want to learn and magically helps her students achieve a higher level of comprehension and language production. Her classes are small and taught in a very welcoming environment. I also thoroughly enjoy her private one on one classes that feel like a chat at a coffee house with the added benefit of learning French! She gives you what you want on your terms and in doing so, makes you want more. It doesn’t get any better!”
Christie. R
“After trying one language school without success, I found From English to French. Sophie is exactly the right balance for a teacher. She motivates and challenges me while being encouraging at the same time. I appreciate her willingness to clarify anything I may struggle with. I believe she truly wants her students to succeed. Learning French has been a long time dream for me, one Sophie has helped fulfill.”
Carly E.
“After not speaking French for 25 years, I joined the Advanced Level class on Friday afternoons. I have enjoyed it for over four years now and still love it. Sophie provides a unique French-learning experience: She is a native French speaker who splits her time between San Diego and Paris thus her French is very contemporary. She makes the lessons interesting by injecting current French news articles, magazine extracts, literature and movie reviews into the lessons as appropriate. Furthermore, for the advanced lessons, she constantly adjusts the structure and content of the lesson to fit the interest of the students and to refresh specific grammar topics that are used incorrectly, or about which the students have questions. The class had definitively increased my reading comprehension, sharpened my listening and writing skills but most of all, it has increased my confidence and enjoyment in speaking French”.
Suzy P.
“My husband first found Sophie’s name and contacted her about French lessons for me as a surprise for Valentine’s Day 2005, since we were planning a trip to Paris that summer. I was skeptical that I would have the time to devote to this, but Sophie worked with me to find a time that would fit into my busy life and we began. I had never taken any French before. My experience with foreign language was high school Spanish. The French pronunciations were a mystery. It all sounded alike! I’ve been seeing her since then on a weekly basis for 2-hour private lessons. I really look forward to my classes with her. Sophie got me right into the language, giving me beginning French grammar and vocabulary and helping me get the feel for the pronunciation, but also gave me plenty of practical phrases to use on my trip. It helped me immensely on my first trip to France. People actually understood me. No one else in my family spoke any French, so any communication was left to what I knew. This past summer we returned to Paris, and I was so pleased to find that I had come so much further in understanding the French world around me. What a joy to be able to communicate! I’ve completed 80 hours of lessons with Sophie and just signed up for another 40. She has always been very professional and reliable. She has made the lessons fun and interesting, and she always continues to push ahead and challenge me. I highly recommend Sophie. You will find her to be an excellent teacher, and an engaging and enjoyable person. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. As you can tell, I am very excited and amazed at the progress I have made under Sophie’s tutelage.”
Jackie P
“I like the stories about Zoe and Alex and the songs”.
Eric M. (7 y.o)
“I like my French class because I learn new words and phrases and it’s fun.”
Camilla L. (10 y.o)
“I am learning a new language, I like learning new words and new things. Ms. Sophie is super nice”.
Mariana M. (10.yo)
“Ms. Sophie encourages us to speak no matter what our level. I really enjoy the variety of activities we do (listening, speaking, writing,) and being in a group is a lot of fun. It is a great class and Ms. Sophie is a great teacher”
Ana Paula M.
J’aime parler francais! It makes it so much easier when I travel to know the language and it make understanding the other romance languages easier too. I have been taking French lessons from Sophie for a year and a half now. I love the easy pace and her laid back style. I never feel like I’ve been left behind. Her classes are progressive and comprehensive as well. The homework is fun and easy. We have to write paragraphs every week but it is a fun way to bond with the other students. Our conversations are in French as much as we can and no one feels embarrassed or shy about their abilities because we are all there to learn and have fun. Learning a foreign language is a great way to keep your brain active and alert. Taking classes in a group is very social and it is fun meeting so many new people. The one on one classes give me the opportunity to really focus on my own areas that need some extra attention. One day I will be fluent and I am having a great time getting there! Merci Beaucoup, Sophie!”
Sandi P.
“For approximately five years I have been a student at From English to French on a weekly basis studying French. I have taken individual lessons and group lessons. My French classes have been the highlight of my week due to Sophie being a native speaker having taught at university level. Furthermore the learning experience has been a “delightful challenge”. Sophie’s discipline, sensitivity, vibrancy and acomoding attitude especially her “love of French” have been so inspirational to me that I plan to continuing studying French at From English to French indefinitely!”
Caterina T.