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Small Groups

Learn while having fun with other students. The seating is limited to 6 students for morning and afternoon classes and up to 11 students in the evening. We have the best rates and guarantee the best atmosphere. 
Conversation is always on the agenda. We have small groups for all levels that are usually in person but we also have some on Zoom. Your group meets once a week for 8 weeks for 2.5 hours. It goes by fast as you are not the only student and there is little break.
Please contact us to find out what your level is: true beginner, beginner, advanced beginner, intermediate or advanced.
Level 2+, 3 and 4 are immersion classes and French is the only language spoken.

True Beginner

Level 1
You have never learned French or it was a long time ago back in Highschool or College.
You may have tried using Apps that got you nowhere and the self taught methods did not deliver their promises
This level will also help you get ready for your next trip to France.


Level 2A
You know the basics of French grammar, vocabulary and verbs. Speaking and understanding French seems like an impossible mission.
Level 2B
You know the verbs present tense (regular and irregular) but would like to expand your horizons and discover the future tense.
Level 2+
You have certainly progressed and cannot wait to converse using the past tenses


Level 3
You can speak fairly well but you would like to gain confidence to speak better and faster. You know all the basics and not so basics verb tenses. You are interested in learning the conditional and may be the subjunctive. 


Level 4

You don’t know it yet but a lot of students are jealous of your level. Not only can you speak and speak French but you are now able to watch French movies (with/without French subtitles). You are nevertheless eager to improve to reach fluency.